In November of this year, I decided to leave upWork (formerly oDesk) and become an independent freelancer. The decision was, I feel, the next logical step in my freelancing career for several reasons.
First, the platform I was using to get employment changed. When oDesk became upWork, it no longer met my needs. Bidding for jobs seemed to increase. The problem with bidding for a job is that there always seems to be someone who will do it for very little money. This means either I bid below what I believe my experience level allows or I do not get jobs. Additionally, it seemed to take longer for money to move from pending to available. And, of course, the increase in fees for work increased, meaning I either had to charge more or lose work and money.

The other reason I left is because I want to spend more time on my other writing. I also want more control over my writing schedule and the type of writing I choose to do.

I have a confession to make. I contacted my some of my upWork clients and told them I was leaving upWork. I did not feel bad doing so, as I contracted initially with oDesk, and they had changed the parameters of my contract: increased the fees and no longer provided what I had contracted with them for - quality work referrals at a reasonable price. I only contacted my long-term clients, such as the one for which I worked with for over two years. Of the 200 plus individuals for which I completed work, I contacted less than ten. Those individuals provided a basis for my new career as an independent freelancer. They thanked me for letting them know as they did not want to lose my services. I feel it would have been less professional to have simply left upWoirk without any explanation. It has not been an easy transition, but I do have work and have managed to complete some of my other writing.

I have a comment about my last posting. I watched an excellent webinar that included a challenge for planning one's writing for 2017, and have set up a writing schedule for each month, with daily and weekly tasks to be completed. I am looking forward to a very busy and productive year.

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Well, if that is your passion then go for it. I hope that you're able to build your own company someday. By the way, do you have any plans or strategies for it? I hope you already have, you may ask me if you have some questions regarding building your own company. Anyway, I'm so glad that I meet one of a kind person that is so confident about his decisions.

03/07/2017 10:36am

I will support you on the path you want to go. Maybe it is destined to happen and it is the right time for you to change the path you are going right now. But you should at least try maybe they rebrand it because there is some concern before. There is a lot of reason why a brand rebrand and maybe they tell it to all of the employees so you understand what is going on. Maybe you actually have to focus on spending your time on writing because looks like it is really your profession. I hope you already have a work and good luck along your career.


You are an independent freelancer? I guess it was the right decision for you.

09/02/2017 8:51am

The best decision ever. I'm so happy for you!

10/12/2017 3:06am

That decision would be good for you.

11/01/2017 2:38pm

I am sure you won't regret it. It's very handy to be a freelancer nowadays.


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