As per usual, life got into the way of consistent blog posting. Other priorities pushed aside the desire to blog here, although I have continued to post on my creative website, susanboxmannwriter.com.

Additionally, I have been inundated with freelance work. Initially I was concerned that I would not have enough work. Past clients have contacted me and also referred me to others. As a result, I have almost more work than I can handle. In an effort to keep up and weed out some requests, I have increased my rates considerably. One client I contracted with through oDesk (now upWork) over two years ago was willing to pay double. I feel that my increased experience and ability justify the increase and, apparently, so do my clients.

The research is my favorite part, so I charge less per hour for that portion of the job. Plus, that is the area that take me the least amount of time. I also charge more to clients if the information is out of my field of expertise. Charges vary for articles and web content as well. I prefer articles and they are easier for me, so I charge less. I do not feel bad charging more to a new client than an established one, either. It is easier to work with a client when you know what they want, that they pay on time, and are good communicators.

I learned to bill by using an PayPal invoice - a suggestion from a client. It is an easy process and takes very little time.

Much of what I have incorporated into my freelance writing business has come from blogs, websites, and internet postings. I firmly believe in not reinventing the wheel, so borrow the best from everywhere. I encourage you to do the same, whether blogging or writing for someone else.

So, on to a day of writing. Today it is on meeting the needs of a real estate client, horse transportation, and Easter trivia. Fun!


02/18/2017 7:20am

Congratulation for your success! Five years from now, I can see you as a very successful writer or blogger. I just hope that your inspiration and desire to write will not fade. I also want to wish you good luck for more offer that will come to you! Stay humble even if you'll become successful!

04/13/2017 3:25pm

I am glad I've found your blog. It was a good idea for you to lauch it.

08/15/2017 2:56am

PayPal has a lot of cool services! And it's really easy to use them!

10/12/2017 3:05am

Hope we all find success in our life.

10/13/2017 11:21am

Oh, that's nice! I am pretty happy to hear that. Do you like your new job?


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